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Transaction Support

China has a business culture that while becoming more international in practice over time, still has its own nuances. ALC, headquartered in China and staffed with both expatriates and local Chinese, provides competent and reliable on the ground support for Western clients. Transaction support includes:

“Deal Quarterback" in China: including acting as the contact and liaison with the China side, recommending, engaging and coordinating local services providers (lawyers, accountants, tax advisors, and other specialized agents), project planning and implementation, and generally moving transactions to a successful conclusion.

Regulatory Assistance: dealing with regulatory bodies at all levels of government, including tax bureaus, M&A approval authorities, foreign exchange regulators, zoning and environmental authorities, patent agencies, and other specialized agencies. All M&A, joint venture and foreign investment transactions require obtaining approvals and complying with requirements of a number of regulatory bodies. Experience in dealing with regulators and Chinese laws and regulations, which are often ambiguous and complex, is required to avoid the delay or even failure of transactions.

Post-closing Integration: including assistance in assessing and developing management teams, developing healthy communication between the Chinese business and foreign parent, establishing CRP’s, and providing interim management services.

Trouble Shooting and Monitoring Operations: including assistance with local tax issues, regular meetings with Chinese managers and reports to clients, assistance with bank accounts and distributions of cash from China, and dealing with other regulatory, financial, and personnel issues. ALC provides a local presence for clients to assure that problems are handled quickly and effectively, and to ensure proper communication.



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